OpenAppointment™, an app that puts scheduling
control in the user’s hands.

OpenAppointment is designed so that the doctors, dentists, and other service providers can cut down on missed bookings
as well as fill last minute cancellations, while also attracting new customers through our network! 

OpenAppointment covers a variety of businesses that people are looking for — any company that takes appointments.

James Darnell, OpenAppointment Founder

James Darnell

OpenAppointment founder, James Darnell, has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In 1992, he began working for a small company of just three employees, and by 1996 at just 16 years old, he purchased the company from the owner who was ready to retire. Mr. Darnell grew the company to over 40 employees in just four years, and sold the company in 2005 to a competitor. He has learned many valuable lessons in management and organization and continued to develop skills in business leadership overseeing some 100+ full time, part time and seasonal employees.

Seeing the need for appointment apps that put control in user's hands, he created OpenAppointment. The app integrates with merchant scheduling software to find the earliest open appointment, and allows a user to book an appointment right from their phone.

James is joined by Ken Wolfram. Ken has over 15 years of experience in business management and a reputation of building strong and engaged teams that deliver top tier results. Ken will be working closely with both the service provider and the daily user to ensure a great experience for everyone. Ken has a great understanding of the challenges that are facing many businesses today, from shrinking payrolls to the shift in marketing and advertising strategies. While collaborating with service providers and daily users, Ken and his team were able to develop the idea of the “Wait List” and “Targeted Notifications”. Both of these ideas will help providers maximize profits by filling open appointments and by reaching potential customers with pinpoint accuracy.


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  • Cheryel
    Don’t take our word for it

    “OpenAppointment has really changed the way we do business, and our patients love it as much as we do.”

    Cheryel , Dental Office Manager
  • Dennis Quinn, DDS

    Don’t take our word for it

    “I realized I was wasting too much time managing my schedule. Now I spend less time setting up appointments and more time with my patients.”

    Dennis Quinn, DDS , Lincoln, NE
  • Dr. Zafar S. Tariq

    Don’t take our word for it

    “I don’t think we could go back to our old way of managing patients and appointments. OpenAppointment removes so many hassles we ran into everyday.”

    Dr. Zafar S. Tariq , Smile Innovations, Novi, MI